Loo with a view

Ok so I think you all need to see Loo with a View, this is the ladies staff toilet in the hospital, yes that includes me! Note the flats in the background, not surprisingly I am suffering with a degree of retention!! Squatting improving though.  Saw a stroke treatment today, as needles were inserted a […]

Flying Needles

Learning flying needle technique. First Lecture. First day in the hospital …   What a brilliant day – we were at the hospital for 8.15 this morning, which seems ages ago now.  We met the 5 Professors who will be looking after us and the interpreters.  It was all very professional, we made our introductions […]

Exploring Guangzhou City

Day off exploring Guangzhou City – I am exhausted! Woke up at 6am after a few hours sleep and in my head it was 11pm the day before (crazy!!). Had breakfast at the hospital, they provided a special ‘buffet’ for us all, noodles again, plus porridge, made with rice, buns and steamed buns, all very […]