Loo with a view

Ok so I think you all need to see Loo with a View, this is the ladies staff toilet in the hospital, yes that includes me! Note the flats in the background, not surprisingly I am suffering with a degree of retention!! Squatting improving though.  Saw a stroke treatment today, as needles were inserted a […]

Flying Needles

Learning flying needle technique. First Lecture. First day in the hospital …   What a brilliant day – we were at the hospital for 8.15 this morning, which seems ages ago now.  We met the 5 Professors who will be looking after us and the interpreters.  It was all very professional, we made our introductions […]

Exploring Guangzhou City

Day off exploring Guangzhou City – I am exhausted! Woke up at 6am after a few hours sleep and in my head it was 11pm the day before (crazy!!). Had breakfast at the hospital, they provided a special ‘buffet’ for us all, noodles again, plus porridge, made with rice, buns and steamed buns, all very […]


Well I’ve arrived, met great bunch of fellow acupuncturists, had noodles for dinner and breakfast on the plane! now arrived in Guangzhou.  

Today’s the day ….

Well, today’s the day, I’m all packed and the usual mantra ‘passport, tickets, money’ going around in my head. Our flight leaves at 22.35 this evening, and we arrive in Guangzhou at 17.10 Saturday. I will be heading off from Oxford ready to meet my fellow Acupuncturists many for the first time, at Heathrow later. […]