Home Time

Well that’s it folks! This is my last Blog from China, tomorrow is going to be the longest day in the world. We leave our hotel at 6.30am and get back to Heathrow at 2.40pm, after a 12 hour flight and an 8 hour time difference on top.

I have some amazing memories to take home with me, from nervously meeting everyone at Heathrow for the first time over 2 weeks ago to our banquet with new friends and colleagues last night.

The warm and welcoming people have, without exception made this an incredible experience. The passion of the Professors and their doctors for what they do, and their willingness to share their knowledge and experience with us I will never forget.

And our group of Acupuncturists coming from all over the UK, from Scotland to Dorset, learning and sharing experiences together, talking needling, bleeding cupping, fire needling, Turtle needle, Floating needle, Tui Na and much much more has been truly inspiring.

We had a wonderful lunch today with the Chinese Tea and Herb company who sponsored our visit over here. It was incredible. I understand why so little wine is poured now, the idea is for everyone to keep toasting other people and at each toast you finish your drink. So toasts galore!!

After a short coach ride during which most if us fell asleep! we took a cable car up Bayuin Mountain, a wonderful view of Guangzhou – and it’s smog unfortunately.

Well I’m all packed and broken the zip on my cheapie bag bought to bring home all my cheapie purchases. Out for our last dinner tonight and early start in the morning.

An amazing experience I will never forget, but ready to come home now – really craving some buttery toast with Marmite and a cup of real coffee … oh and a normal toilet and a lovely warm bath ……





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