So today was our last day in the hospital, we have experienced and learnt so much from these lovely people, a lot of which I have shared here with you.

Tonight we hosted a banquet for our hosts, there was an abundance of different types of local food specialities and customs. 


When they poured our wine they gave us about 1/2 inch in bottom of our glasses! We were giggling because we thought it was just for a taste! However it is just a mouthful for toasting which then gets replenished – we soon sussed the system! In the end we poured our own but we had to stop giving big UK glasses of wine to the students who still abided by their custom and downed it in one !! 


As I was eating my beautifully presented chicken soup in a coconut I came across a treasured chicken foot – it looked just like human fingers making rude gestures at me.


Part of the ceremonials tonight was our Certificate presentation, and yet more photoshoots for albums, blogs and Facebook posts back in the UK. 

We finished off our evening having cocktails on the 15th floor again! Sightseeing tomorrow, and some packing maybe – trying to fit all my Chinese bargains in my case! 

Late night, early start tomorrow, wearing out my Qi… 

Goodnight, 1 blog to come!

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