Stews and Street Vendors

I can’t believe that tomorrow is our penultimate day in clinic, each day flies by.  There’s quite a lot of repetition of cases in clinic, and what seems like a lot of facial paralysis, this is caused mainly by Wind Invasion in Chinese Medicine terms, and I do wonder if air conditioning has a part to play in this (mmm – just switched mine off). Various needling techniques are used for this, quite a bit of needle threading, electro acupuncture and facial cupping.

I’ve included a picture here of what looks like a shop, it is in fact the pharmacy, where patients pick up their prescribed Western and Chinese medicines at the same time. 


We went out for tea again tonight, we each ordered custard tart and jasmine tea, and ended up with 3 very sweet, tarts each.  I decided against the wild tortoise stew but ended up with some sticky sweet gloopy thing with red kidney beans in it! 


The street vendor shopping is incredible here, genuine fake Diesel, Kath Kitson etc, plus all sorts of wonderful street food, clothes, shoes, you name it.  Guangzhou is not a tourist place at all but a busy, bustling commercial city, I’ve only seen a few westerners here, this is very much how the Chinese live their lives in the city.

Back to the park in the morning for my daily constitutional, just wish I could find a nice cup of coffee to top it off …. 

Only a couple more days of China Blogging left (are those sighs of relief?) 

Hope you all are having a good day, I’m off to bed, more tomorrow….. 


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