Motorways and Mojitos

As I can’t actually see what my blog looks like because China have banned WordPress who host this blog, you will have to forgive me if I repeat myself! Have I shown you the view from my student digs? I have a dual height, dual lane, dual carriageway just outside my window, see the picture. It’s not really condusive to a good nights sleep, but 17 years living on Berkhamsted High St was probably good training! 


We visited the Gastroenterology Dept this afternoon, the Director of this dept named very appropriately Dr Ge.  She again really integrates Eastern and Western medicine. We took the history, pulse and tongue of an elderly woman who had a pleural effusion, not the sort of patient we would see in our clinics generally, but an amazing opportunity to explore her Chinese and Western diagnosis and treatment plan.

I’ve included a picture of a shoulder blade treatment, this woman had a baby 18 months ago and since then due to lifting and feeding her baby had developed this common chronic pain. You can see she has had some cupping and this is her Acupuncture treatment which is proving really effective on relieving her discomfort.


Tonight we went to a beautiful rooftop bar (see pictures of Guangzhou at night) and had some amazing Lychee Mojitos. But, best of all they served crinkle cut chips with salt, and ketchup on the side … mmmm, such a change from noodles and rice! and a bit posh in China!




Last day of Qi Gong in the park tomorrow morning, then clinic and a Chinese Banquet in the evening to say thank you to our hosts.  So I’d better say goodnight and get some shut eye. More tomorrow, but soon to finish …. 

One thought on “Motorways and Mojitos

  1. Thank you, Hazel, for all your interesting, informative and often humorous posts, giving us all a first hand insight into Acupuncture , Chinese medicine and Culture. Still one or two blogs to come, I hope. love, mum xxx P.S. The picture of custard tarts reminded me of the ones my mother, your Nana Stanmore , used to make when I was a child. Eggs were scarce then so the pastry case was filled with Bird’s custard on top of a teaspoon of jam- very good they were too. Still a passion of mine, especially from M&S 😉

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