Backache & Blood

Busy day today, up at the crack of dawn for Qi Gong in the park, then off to clinic. We are all fighting off a Chinese cold and swallowing a herbal formula to eliminate Wind Heat, which is a miracle working concoction of Lonicera and Forsythia.

We saw a man having blood stagnation relieved by having his tongue bled, I’ve attached a picture because I couldn’t quite believe it! But also saw some amazing effective treatments for sciatica and slipped disc.


We were all called over in the afternoon to watch a treatment for backache, the patient was strapped into a device and then hung upside down whilst his spine was manipulated (patients please note – this is not an acupuncture treatment!). I’ve attached a video.

Prof ‘Flying Needle’ Qin then cleared out the waiting room and gave us an hour long session of Qi Gong. This exercise is designed to move Qi, he practices it every day and maintains that this is a essential part of being an effective Acupuncturist, focussing intention and moving Qi.

After dinner a few of us we went on a girlie shopping spree, and managed to get a few great deals on some wonderful handmade clothes, I just need to buy another hand luggage case to bring it all home!


A stop at a local cafe bar rounded our shopping trip off nicely, but even better was the loo – a proper sit down one with a seat, a lock, a flush, loo paper, hot water, soap and clean towel … Bliss

More tomorrow, goodnight …


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