Week 2


And so we begin our second week in the hospital, the time is flying by!  We have chosen which professor we would each like to work with for the rest of the week. The doctors see so many patients during a clinic and today we saw everything from mouth ulcers and tinnitus to heart disease and insomnia.

We saw one lady being treated in the waiting room today because it was so busy, whilst at the other end of the corridor a prisoner in shackles – albeit she was a tiny woman, surrounded by 4 guards waiting for her Acupuncture treatment.

I’ve put a picture of one of our group after he mentioned that he thought he may be getting a bit of a cold. Dr ‘Flying  Needle’ Qin treated him with cupping and needling, great bruises and great results. 


For my old research buddies in Oxford I’ve attached a pic for you, I couldn’t quite believe this sign in the Dept who have helped organise our visit. Even in China there is no escape from GCP.


Tonight we had some more Oolong tea ceremonials, and looking forward to Tai Chi by the lake again tomorrow. 

Sleep tight ….

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