Venturing out of the City


門 Chinese language characters are symbolic, this one is pronounced ‘Men’, and means a gateway that can easily be opened and shut, our guide Jack told us today when we were looking at an entrance to a villager’s home which had a barred gate across resembling the symbol – see pic. This word is seen a lot in Acupuncture point names, most well known is probably Shen Men (He7) which is a lovely point used as a gateway to the heart. 


We set off early to the countryside today and visited some local markets and traditional villages and settlements, it was great to get out of the city and see what to me is how I imagined China to be without the bling.

We saw local produce being sold by the villagers, such as a huge piece of ginger root fresh from the ground, rice picked from their paddy fields, orange peel (good for eliminating damp) and black beans drying in the sunshine, and sugar cane freshly juiced in front of us.

Lunch was a different matter, although I’m getting used to washing my chopsticks and crockery in tea before we eat, I wasn’t quite sure how to deal with the sesame chicken complete with head, or the pigs trotters which followed.

We headed back to the city, Guangzhou is a really busy place and even today on a Saturday the roads were heavily congested, the drivers decided that the 4 lane motorway albeit moving slowly was in fact going to be used as a 6 lane one! 

We of course had to have a beer to recover .. 

Anyway tomorrow is Sunday and we are going to 7 star crags, a mountainous region which is meant to be beautiful, so I’m going to ignore the fact that one of our group found a cockroach in her bed last night, zip everything up and try to get some shut eye…





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