Home Time

Well that’s it folks! This is my last Blog from China, tomorrow is going to be the longest day in the world. We leave our hotel at 6.30am and get back to Heathrow at 2.40pm, after a 12 hour flight and an 8 hour time difference on top. I have some amazing memories to take […]


So today was our last day in the hospital, we have experienced and learnt so much from these lovely people, a lot of which I have shared here with you. Tonight we hosted a banquet for our hosts, there was an abundance of different types of local food specialities and customs.  When they poured our […]

Motorways and Mojitos

As I can’t actually see what my blog looks like because China have banned WordPress who host this blog, you will have to forgive me if I repeat myself! Have I shown you the view from my student digs? I have a dual height, dual lane, dual carriageway just outside my window, see the picture. […]

Stews and Street Vendors

I can’t believe that tomorrow is our penultimate day in clinic, each day flies by.  There’s quite a lot of repetition of cases in clinic, and what seems like a lot of facial paralysis, this is caused mainly by Wind Invasion in Chinese Medicine terms, and I do wonder if air conditioning has a part […]

Backache & Blood

Busy day today, up at the crack of dawn for Qi Gong in the park, then off to clinic. We are all fighting off a Chinese cold and swallowing a herbal formula to eliminate Wind Heat, which is a miracle working concoction of Lonicera and Forsythia. We saw a man having blood stagnation relieved by […]